Self-catering is really delicious!

Imagine being able to get your vegetables cheap, sustainable, fresh and truly "organic". Wouldn't that be nice? No long transport routes with vegetables that are grown en masse and harvested half-ripe so that they are not already spoiled when they arrive at the supermarket. You don't have to question whether the "organic label" on the vegetables is really organic or whether you are being ripped off again. It's actually great to have such vegetables available.

The children at MES had this wonderful experience again this year. In spring, together with Sybille, they grew many vegetable plants and then nurtured and cared for them. Just seeing how the tender little seedlings grew into robust plants with such large and heavy fruits as cucumbers, courgettes, pumpkins or cabbages was really exciting. But harvesting them and cooking something delicious from them was even better.

The children energetically harvested the vegetables and as they all worked together, everything was done in no time. The children were especially fond of the big cabbages. They were bigger than their own heads!

After the harvest, it was time for processing. It would be a shame if the vegetables spoiled. Luckily, Sybille knew a delicious recipe for cabbage cake. Many little hands washed, chopped, stirred and kneaded the dough and tasted it in between 😊. When the cake disappeared into the oven, the result was eagerly awaited. It smelled so good, mmhh, delicious!!!

In the past, it was normal to grow your own fruit and vegetables. Today it is something special and the children of MES are lucky to make this experience.

Enjoy your meal!