Hansel and Gretel, the true stroy? Christmas performance 2018

The Christmas party at the MES was held under the motto "Good or Evil? This is often a question of perspective and there is not only black or white. The primary school pupils dealt with the topic intensively and developed the story of Hansel and Gretel from the perspective of the witch. From this they created a very successful play, which they presented to their parents and the MES team during the Christmas party. The performance was rounded off with a rap written by the primary school pupils themselves, "Good or evil? Evil or good?". Together with their teacher Eva Bartsch, the children wrote, choreographed and organised the entire performance themselves. The pupils took part with joy and great commitment. It was great!

The Casa children performed as the "supporting group". Many little bakers sang the song "In the Christmas Bakery" with joy. The Christmas spirit really came alive.