Creatively active in the forest


Forest time - space for adventure, nature experiences and creativity

Children love being in the forest because they can experience real adventures in this "nature playground". They master physical challenges when, for example, they run over the uneven forest floor, cross a stream, balance on a tree trunk or run down a slope. In the process, concentration and problem-solving strategies are automatically trained and personal skills are discovered.

The forest also stimulates the children's imagination and joy of creation. Leaves, cones, sticks, stones, snail shells... the available material seems endless. This abundance of material and possibilities tempts the Casa children again and again to create small works of art.

The "tepee" in the camp needed some colour in their opinion. So they made "lamps" out of sticks and dyed sheep's wool to decorate the tepee. With sticks and tree stumps they created a small "land art" project and the many yellow, red and green coloured leaves... It literally makes your fingers itch to create with them.

So much inspiration and time for creativity - where else can you find that today?