Lantern, lantern, sun, moon and stars...

Finally, another St. Martin's celebration!

After the traditional St. Martin's celebration had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic, it could finally take place again this year.

It was already starting to get dark when the parents and their children gathered at the MES camp in the forest. The children's self-made lanterns shone cheerfully and atmospherically. After the initial excitement had died down a little, the parents, children and the MES team walked back to the MES singing together with the beautiful lanterns.

Meanwhile, at MES, hardworking hands from the MES team and parents made preparations: the children's punch stand was decorated with fairy lights and children's punch was cooked, a bonfire was prepared in the courtyard and many candles in jars were set up. It looked beautiful!

And soon singing and excited children's voices could be heard. One by one, everyone gathered around the warming bonfire in the MES courtyard. Now came another highlight of the celebration: the Casa children from Signe and Sybille's group could hardly wait to perform their light dance. It all worked out wonderfully and the parents were really proud of their little dancers. This part of the event ended with the reading of the St. Martin story and everyone singing the St. Martin song together.

So much excitement and movement naturally makes them hungry and thirsty. So the bread rolls - donated by the parents' association - were just right. But wait, it is St. Martin! In the spirit of St. Martin's Day, the children shared their cookies with their parents and brothers and sisters. A cup of children's punch to go with it... mmhh yummy!!!

Once again, it was a wonderful, atmospheric and harmonious celebration, as has always been the tradition at MES. Everyone went home happy and the children have a wonderful childhood memory.

Invitation to the St. Martin's Day Celebration