Permaculture at the MES - Part II

As shown in the report Permaculture at MES Part I, permaculture is an attitude towards nature and people that leads to doing things in a certain way (sustainable gardening, collecting water, being mindful of nature and people, etc.). Thus, this school year continued to be about the topic, because such a permaculture garden is never finished.

Both the Casa children and the primary school pupils have grown various vegetable plants in spring. This cultivation was so successful that not all of the plants could be planted in the vegetable beds. The surplus plants found a place in the gardens of some of the parents, who bought them from the children and thus increased the cash for the garden.

Thanks to the good care of the children and Sybille Mosbacher, who organises and accompanies the whole project with a lot of commitment and energy, the little plants have become stately, healthy plants and the first vegetables (cucumbers) have already been harvested. Delicious!