Permaculture at the MES Part III

In order for plants to thrive, they need healthy soil life, because this ensures that all the nutrients that a plant needs are available in sufficient quantities. Therefore, in permaculture, care is taken not to dig up the soil (which destroys the habitat of soil organisms) and to always cover it (which prevents it from drying out).

But how can you create a bed then? Quite simply, you cover an area that you want to use as a bed with damp cardboard without any gaps. If you want, you can spread some organic waste underneath. The cardboard is also organic material and serves as food for the soil organisms over time. At the same time, it ensures that nothing grows through from below.

There are now several ways to proceed from here. We have decided to try a hay bed. The cardboard is covered with a layer of hay/straw about 10-20 cm thick. In a hay bed you can only plant plants that have already been grown. Make a small gap in the hay, fill it with soil and plant the seedlings. The advantage? The hay/straw keeps the soil covered and protects it from drying out. You have to water less, save water and have less work. In addition, slugs do not like the hay/straw very much and the plants have a better chance of growing tall.