Becoming a "property seeker" - or what you can learn from Pippi Longstocking

Traditionally, we started the school enrolment ceremony with a small devotion, which Carola prepared together with the children and adults. The motto was peace and good togetherness.

Three first graders have started school, so that now 13 children attend the primary school class - a warm welcome to Isabelle, Ansgar and John! Three preschool children (Hugo, Nick, Paul), two of whom have come to us from other institutions, are regular attendees.
Hana invited all present to remember Pippi Longstocking and wished all school children Pippilotta's firm belief in their own strength, her courage to be independent and her sense of justice and warmth of heart for people, animals and plants. In order to learn arithmetic, writing and reading, she encouraged them to make use of the learning opportunities in the classroom. In this way, the children would have the best prerequisites to become informed "fact finders" - people who want to know a lot and find answers to the questions that occupy them.