Our new "castle"

Our "castle"

Climbing, balancing, trying things out... that is something children love to do. And that's a good thing, because this way they don't only train their sense of balance, muscles and dexterity, but also their creativity and courage.
Because this is so important and so much fun, such an adventure spot is a "must have" in our outdoor area. Angelique Dinges, mother of a Casa child, took the project into her capable hands. Together with other parents and some of the children, they spit into their hands and got started.

After a few hours of hard work, a wonderful climbing/adventure playground has been created. It does not look like the off-the-shelf adventure playgrounds. No. It is made exclusively of natural materials and fits perfectly into the landscape. The children love it. They call it their "castle" and not a minute goes by when this area is not occupied by children when they are outside.

Many thanks to Angelique and all the children and parents who made this great place possible for all the children of the MES. You are great!