We are an environmental school again!

"Environmental school"? What is it? ""Environmental School - Learning and Acting for our Future" is an award given by the Hessian Ministry for the Environment, Climate Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs for a school's special commitment to environmental and ecological education. It recognises the improvement of the quality of teaching and school life in the sense of education for sustainable development." (see also https://www.klimabildung-hessen.de/hessische-umweltschulen.html)

The call for proposals enables each school to define two areas of action with concrete goals and to work on them over a participation period of two years and to anchor them in school life and school culture, so that a long-term perspective is also guaranteed. "The areas of action can come from the "classic" environmental education areas such as ecological design of the school grounds, nature experience and nature conservation, from environmental protection topics such as climate protection, energy production, waste avoidance, nutrition, consumption, or also from global learning (fair trade, UN Global Sustainability Goals, ...). The participating schools are supported by the regional Hessian environmental education centres in the form of advice and exchange in regular meetings.

For the fifth year in a row, we have submitted two new projects in 2020:

1. our permaculture garden and play area
2. living plastic-free - is that even possible?

Due to the impact of the COVID pandemic, we were only able to focus on the first objective, but we did so with full commitment and much success. Here is a detailed impression of our work: Our Permaculture Project

The period for this project ended in August 2021 with the sending of our final documentation. This was judged by a jury and we recently received the new environmental school badge. Unfortunately, the award ceremony could not take place due to the current COVID situation. However, it will be held at a later date.