A little tree for the start of school - a symbol of hope and confidence

Every year... The start of a new school year is a time of joy: you meet your friends again and can learn many new things. At the same time, it is also a time of reflection - especially for parents: How will my child fare? Will he or she enjoy going to school? Will he or she keep up well?

The foundation of our work at MES is the confidence that every child has great potential and will succeed in realising that potential. We have confidence in the lives, the young people entrusted to us and the nature that surrounds us. With love and mutual respect, we create a foundation that enables everyone to develop well according to their abilities.

It is our tradition to plant a tree on the first day of school in the new school year - a symbol of hope, confidence and harmony. The primary school children took on this task with joy and planted an apple tree. A very special tree, because it not only has beautiful blossoms in spring and delicious fruit in autumn. According to the Celtic tree horoscope, the apple tree is the tree of love. It expresses confidence in life and in nature, and represents a reliable life companion at the side of man.

In this spirit, we wish all children, parents and our team a good start to a harmonious and lively school year 2022-2023.

"If I knew that the world would end tomorrow, I would plant an apple tree today."
Martin Luther)