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Where has autumn gone?

Now winter has arrived. It is cold and the first snowflakes have already visited. Yet it is ...

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I'm a little pumpkin child and I want sweets today, or I will go wild!

Monday was a spooky day at the Casa The little witch comes at six in the morning. Early in the morning at ...

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Our new "castle"

Our "castle" Climbing, balancing, trying things out... children love to do this for their lives. And that's a good thing, because on ...

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A house for a snail

The snail, slimy and wet, has a lot of fun in the forest when it rains. Crawls over hill and dale and many a ...

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Where do baby birds grow up?

The first warming rays of sunshine are slowly waking up nature again. More and more bird calls are heard in the forest around our ...

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The beauty of autumn

Autumn is a colourful and versatile season. The Casa children experience it first-hand every day in the forest and on the outdoor grounds. ...

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Forest adventure of the Casita children

Every morning, the little legs were quick on their feet and before we knew it, we were already there. In the camp ... read more