AMI Montessori 6-12 Diploma Course - Primary School Training Course

The Freie Montessori Schule Main-Kinzig-Kreis offers from November 2021 a

AMI Montessori 6-12 Diploma Course
(Montessori training course for primary school)

The course teaches the educational theory of Maria Montessori for 6 to 12 year old children in six modules. The work in the Montessori primary school class is taught in detail. Performances and practical work with Montessori materials, reading seminars, discussions, material production and aspects of other personal and professional development are offered.

The pre-course integrated in the course, which is compulsory for all those who do not have an "AMI 3-6 Diploma", teaches the principles and an overview of the Montessori materials for 3-6 year olds.

The course is certified by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). The guidelines of the course and the conditions according to which an internationally recognised AMI diploma is awarded to the participants at the end of the course are based on the requirements of the AMI and are the same for all AMI courses all over the world.

Course location:

Free Montessori School Main-Kinzig District
House of Youth 1
63589 Linsengericht-Geislitz

Detailed information can be found at: