Hurricane warning - MES remains closed on Monday

The Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs (KM), has once again issued an urgent warning about the dangers of the impending hurricane.

Here is also the report on Radio FFH:

"Due to the expected hurricane Sabine and its consequences, the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs has warned of a possible cancellation of school lessons on Monday. If the safety of the school route cannot be guaranteed, the ministry supports all school administrators in their decision to cancel school completely, it said in a statement on Saturday evening. As a rule, schools in Hesse decide for themselves whether classes are cancelled or take place."

Within the framework of the duty of care for all young and old people at the MES and in view of the expected dangers (altitude, many trees!!!), the decision was made for a complete cancellation of lessons - and thus the closure of the MES on Monday. This is also considered a justifiable measure by the KM.

We look forward to seeing everyone back safe and sound on Tuesday.