Lecture: What young people need to find their place in society

With the onset of puberty, the 2nd stage of development ends. A new, exciting - and not always easy - phase in children's lives begins: their search for their own personality and their place in society, as well as a time of detachment from their parents. This is accompanied by a restructuring of the brain and much more. The last thing the young people need now is a school that puts them under pressure, in which they have to learn things that - by any stretch of the imagination - do not interest them. Montessori designed a school for children in the 3rd stage of development - adolescence. The concept is presented at the

On Friday, 14.9.2018, at 7.30 p.m.
Barbarossa Hall, Main-Kinzig-Forum,
Barbarossa Street 16-24
63571 Gelnhausen

by Jenny-Marie Höglund. Jenny-Marie is an A.M.I. trainer and has set up both her own school - similar in size to ours - and a FarmSchool in Sweden.