Primary school

The 2nd stage of development from 6 to 12 years of age

In our primary school, children are accompanied on their learning path from the age of 6 to around 10. We base this on the findings of Montessori, who observed that children at this stage of development have special characteristics and developmental needs. She created a special prepared environment and developed a detailed curriculum.

Current structure

Our school is currently approved up to grade 4. However, the aim is to develop it into a primary school with a remedial level where children can learn from Grade 1 to Grade 6. As in the children's house, the children learn in mixed-age groups: Our goal is that the 6-9 year old children and the 9-12 year old children each form a group of about 25 children in the long term.

Career changer

We only accept so-called "lateral entrants" in justified cases. "Education from the very beginning" is a principle that is of great importance for our work. The experiences in the children's house are the foundation for further development in school. Your child can best benefit from our educational work if it has already attended the children's house. We will therefore preferentially accept children from our or other Montessori children's houses into the primary school.