Without a doubt, the most ideal environment for the child under one year is the family. Often, however, professional demands or personal circumstances do not allow the child to be cared for exclusively at home. Especially then it is important that your child finds a high-quality, homelike and peaceful environment outside the family, in which he or she is respectfully accompanied in his or her development and can build secure bonds.

Full-day care

For young children, fixed routines and regular daily routines provide support and security. Only through a regular, daily visit to the facility can it build relationships with the educators and the other children in the group, which are fundamental for high-quality care.

If you are only looking for hourly or daily care for your child, working with a childminder is certainly the more sensible option for your child.


Our youngest children - from 12 to approx. 18 months - are cared for in the Nido. Our caregivers are experienced and qualified professionals who work according to the principles of Montessori education.

Children from 18 months to three years are cared for and accompanied in an all-age group. They have their own reference teachers and their own prepared environment.

Childcare hours

The standard care time in Nido and Casita starts at 8:00 am and ends at 4 pm. More detailed information about the daily schedule in the Nido can be found in the corresponding section.