The prepared environment in the Nido

"Nido" is the Italian word for "nest". The prepared environment for the Nido child is a manageable and safe space for play and experience, in which the child has the opportunity to move and develop freely from the very beginning. The room is designed in such a way that each child is absolutely safe and the adult does not have to intervene unnecessarily in the activities - the work!

The prepared environment is also a very protected space, because the first 18 months of your child's life have a great impact on his further development, not least on his sense of self-efficacy and his ability to concentrate. The environment and equipment are optimally adapted to the needs of the child of this age.

The room is divided into different areas, which serve for playing, caring, eating and sleeping. The "toys" are usually very simple everyday objects, not highly specialized toys! The important criterion is that they offer many opportunities for exploration and experimentation and that the infant can handle them independently. Cups in different sizes, funnels, lids of jars are just a few examples. They are complemented by balls of different sizes, soft blocks and much more.