Admission procedure

The admission procedure takes place in three steps:

1. participation in an information event and observation

You will be informed personally and without obligation about the focus of the pedagogy and its implementation at our facility. In order to get an idea of the practice, potential parents of Casa or primary school children can observe the group in which they would like to enrol their child for 90 minutes one morning. This is the best way for you to decide whether our pedagogy suits you and your child.

2. submission of the application for admission

The application for admission is very detailed and we ask for careful answers to the questions. On the one hand, this serves the personal reflection of the parents, on the other hand, it is important for us educators to get to know the expectations of the parents and to already receive initial information about your child.

With the submission of the application for admission, your child will be added to the list of those interested. For the primary school, the registration fee of 150.00 Euros must be paid at the same time. There is no registration fee for the children's house.

Application for admission MES

3. Trial day and personal interview

For Casa and primary school children, we arrange one or more trial days. Our educators work personally with your child and observe how it fits into the group. Further questions can be clarified in a final personal interview with the parents. We decide on the application for admission no later than one week after the personal interview.