What you should know

You have browsed our website and are interested? That's wonderful, because we are convinced that we offer a top-class educational concept.

A pedagogy with "side effects

With the decision to enrol your child at the Montessori institution, you also decide to follow a different path. We adults are shaped by the experiences we had in our pre-school and school years. In kindergarden, the focus was on playing until finally the "seriousness of life" began: Grades, tests, control by the teacher, heteronomy, pressure... all these are "ingredients" most of us associate with the experience of "school". Whether they gave us a happy school time depends on whether we got along well with this system or not.

Montessori education takes a different approach. From the very beginning.

The Montessori EcoSchool has set itself the goal of accompanying children holistically on their path of development. We want to help them realise their individual potential and thus develop a strong and stable personality that will be up to the challenges of a still uncertain future. In doing so, we trust very strongly in the child's natural and original desire to develop further - without pressure and without reward systems. Our fundamental principles from the very beginning are cooperation with the child and the promotion of independence and autonomy. We have a high demand for achievement, which is, however, oriented towards the child's abilities.

Together for the good of your child

It is essential that all parents join us on the journey when they register their child at our facility, e.g. by regularly attending parents' evenings, learning about the theory and being open to the pedagogy; only then can our work be done for the benefit of the child. We would also like our cooperation to be as long-term as possible - ideally starting in the crèche and staying until the end of primary school - because firstly, relationships need time to grow and secondly, this way your child can make the most of the benefits of the concept.

In order to give parents the opportunity to make an informed decision, it is important for them to consider the pedagogy and their own expectations in advance.