Casita (18 - 36 months)

We accept children from about 18 months into the Casita group. An important prerequisite is that they can walk without help. This is not only an important prerequisite for working within the prepared environment, but also for the daily excursion into nature.

The child between 18 months and 3 years usually likes to do the things he sees adults doing. The "work" in the casita therefore includes many domestic activities, such as baking and cooking, folding laundry, sweeping and sweeping, arranging flowers and watering plants and much more.

In the Casita, usually ten children are accompanied in their development by two teachers. Based on their observations, the teachers adapt the environment to the developmental needs of the children and make appropriate offers to them.

A child can only benefit from the prepared environment of the casita if he/she has had the opportunity beforehand to make his/her own decisions and develop his/her will in the protected environment of the family or the nido. Only then will it be able to get involved in the activities in the casita community and also fit into this community, because in the prepared environment of the casita there are already many choices for activities.

The basic aim of casita time is to give the child the opportunity to experience that he/she is competent and can do things without adult help. It will take more time for many activities at first, but that is normal. We adults do not help the child by dressing him, serving him, carrying his bag... Rather, by doing so, we take away the possibility for him to become independent and self-reliant. By giving him the time and support to learn and do these things himself, we strengthen his self-esteem as well as his independence.

Another goal is that it learns to complete a piece of work. Every work consists of three phases: The preparation, the work itself and the clean-up. This is a complete work cycle. The ability to complete a self-chosen piece of work is an important foundation for further development in a Montessori environment (and life in general).

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