Flexible start of school

The Montessori EcoSchool (MES) has been approved as a substitute school in independent sponsorship since the 2011-12 school year as a primary school for grades 1 to 4 with a flexible school start.

Learning at your own pace

The flexible school start allows for learning at one's own pace and individual support to a special degree. All children are admitted to the mixed-grade group; there is no deferral. The Montessori environment offers adequate learning opportunities for each child - each child is picked up exactly where it is at the moment. The children enrolled in school now have the option - depending on their prerequisites - to complete the first two school years in one, two or three school years, without the third school year being counted towards the total duration of their compulsory schooling.

Half term enrolment

In order to give children, in their last year of kindergarden, who are already "ready for school" at half term this opportunity, the Montessori EcoSchool offers enrolment at half term (1 February).