Our profile

The Montessori EcoSchool is an all-day institution which cares for children from the age of 12 months up to the 6th grade (currently up to the 4th grade) on the basis of Maria Montessori's pedagogy as well as with a focus on nature education and supports and accompanies them in their development.

The following focal points determine our daily educational routine:

  • Education and upbringing as a continuum from crèche to the end of primary school
  • Lovingly designed learning environments for the different age groups
  • Plenty of space and time for the development and formation of individual interests
  • Montessori education according to the principles of the AMI
  • Learning in and from nature as an integral part of the daily routine
  • Attentiveness, empathy and respect in dealing with the children
  • Early integration of foreign languages
  • Self-directed learning at the heart of the daily routine
  • Freedom and responsibility
  • Holistic learning at all stages of development
  • Ecological school