Where the deer sleep

At the edge of the forest, we were already awaited by Rita Kotschenreuther, the forester of the Holz+Technik Museum. In the beautiful beech forest, she showed us several roosting places of deer. With the help of balloons and a model leaf, we acted out the "leaf factory" (photosynthesis) - the children impressed with their interest and their diverse prior knowledge.

After a picnic under alders with a view of yellow irises and a small lake (in which someone had actually released goldfish), the children learned about the life cycle of a tree and acted as forest workers - by cutting down a young beech tree.

There was a mini sawmill to explore in the Wood+Technology+Museum. We were also allowed to try out the planes. Many children were fascinated. If you would like to take up this fascination privately: The Holz+Technik Museum sets the historic sawmill in motion on special "steam and gate days" - and is happy to welcome visitors.