Where has autumn gone?

Winter has arrived. It is cold and the first snowflakes have already visited. Not long ago it was still autumn.

That's when we harvested potatoes from our garden...

     ...and made sauerkraut from our own cabbage.

The yellow and orange leaves in the forest inspired us to be creative and so we made "autumn torches" out of them. With their great colours, they shone in their very special way.

We made the craziest animals out of the beautiful, shiny chestnuts.

Chestnut animal ready

And then there was St. Martin

A special highlight every year! We made "nature" lanterns and proudly displayed them on St. Martin's Day. They lit up so beautifully! And so did the children's eyes. At the bonfire at the MES, we celebrated together and shared some bread rolls with each other - just like St. Martin, we also shared. Once again, it was an atmospheric celebration that was a lot of fun for young and old.

And now? Now winter has come. Advent is in full swing and Christmas will soon be upon us. More of that in the next blog article.

Until then, have a wonderful Advent season.